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Welcome Back

Hello and welcome! We especially want to welcome any new families to our Pleasant Hill learning community.

The Pleasant Hill PTA is already off to another great year:

The Back to School Picnic was again a huge success, thanks to Sherri Border, Melissa Johnson and the countless teacher and parent volunteers.

We once again have achieved a 100% PTA membership rating, which is a testament to the efforts of Elsie Lee and Jill Gosz and you as the membership. The recognition of parent involvement in our student’s daily school life through the PTA is what makes the Pleasant Hill family so strong. That rating does not mean, however, that every family has joined the PTA. We still have the goal to grow the membership and make our “Family” even stronger. So if you have not registered to become a member of the Pleasant Hill PTA, please take a moment to do so now. Our online form is quick and easy.

Upcoming events you can look forward to are: Bingo, after school today September 29th, which will be our main fund raiser for the year, Mom’s and Munchies (October 14th and 21st) and Family Reading Night (October 19th). For more information, please see our calendar at or purchase a hard copy in the school office for $1 (while supplies last).

We are fortunate to have several returning and new leaders for our over 40 committees. The assemblies committee will offer several high quality assemblies for the enrichment of all students. Students will have an opportunity to attend our holiday shop if they want to purchase fun and affordable gifts for friends and family before the winter break. Make A Difference, Beautification, Care and Concern, Health and Safety, and Environmental Education are all committees that work to improve the school, serve the community, and reach out to the world at large. Our communications committee will work throughout the school year to improve how the PTA shares information with members and how we celebrate the accomplishments of our students. Our room parent coordinators will work with teachers and parent volunteers to offer fun parties for Halloween and Valentine's Day. After School Specials and Reflections will tap into our students’ creativity. While Family Science Night and Rec Night will offer a chance for our students and families to learn and play together while fostering teamwork. Our picture day and yearbook committees will work to offer wonderful keepsakes of your children and their memorable experiences. We will continue to sell Manna,, collect Box Tops, and participate in 2Click, , as a means of additional fund raising. Our fundraising is what makes all these events possible at no additional cost to our students, families and community. Thank you all for giving of your time and financial support to allow PTA to offer such a rich experience.

We are always in need of help for these and other PTA events, as well as, we will need future leadership for these committees to ensure these great events will carry forward. Please contact me or any of the 2016-17 PTA board if you are interested.

Our next PTA meeting will be Tuesday October 4th at 6pm in the school teacher’s lounge. Immediately following at 7pm on Tuesday October 4th in the cafeteria there will be an informational session on the upcoming school referendum. District 15 leadership will present information to our Pleasant Hill community to better educate us on the facts about the referendum and answer any questions you may have. Please plan on attending.

Let’s continue building on the fantastic beginning to this school year by staying engaged and participating at school activities and strengthening the support of teachers and administration. This Parent-Teacher (and administration) bond is what PTA is all about and what makes our school family so special.


Brian Lucas
Pleasant Hill PTA, president

Latest News & Reminders

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Snow Day?  Cold Day?
For the latest information on school closings, visit the District 15 Emergency School Closing page.

Volunteers Needed: 

  • We have two committees seeking chairpersons this year:  The Assemblies committee and the Game Station committee.  Contact Brian Lucas for details.

Fundraising Opportunities: 

Box Tops for EducationDo you have Box Tops for Education sitting around your house hiding somewhere? Collecting Box Tops is a fun and easy way to raise money for our school. For every Box Top we collect the school earns 10¢. Last year we collected $1,300! Happy clipping.

  • Wondering...what is MANNA?  It's a gift card purchase program. Check out what you can buy on this sample order form.  Learn more about Manna here
  • Shop Online? Again this year, the Pleasant Hill PTA is partnering with, a unique & EASY fundraisering opportunity. All you need to do is go to, Click #1, choose Pleasant Hill PTA - Click #2 choose your retailer. It's that easy!

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