Pleasant Hill Events

Below is a description of the various events and activities that the Pleasant Hill PTA supports throughout the year.





After School Specials

After School Specials are mini-classes sponsored by the PTA and taught by parent/teacher/community volunteers. These “classes” give Pleasant Hill students an opportunity to try new activities in a safe environment.


Back to School Picnic

A PTA-sponsored “welcome back” event for all Pleasant Hill staff and families. Families bring their own picnic. Desserts are provided, as well as entertainment and games - at no cost to attendees.


Band Concert - Beginning

Band concert put on by mostly 5th-grade students so they can showcase their talents. All Pleasant Hill families are welcome to attend.  The concert is held in the Cafe. 

Winter & Spring

Band Concert - Intermediate

A band concert put on by mostly 6th-grade students so they can showcase their talents. All Pleasant Hill families are welcome to attend.  The concert is performed in the Cafe.

Winter & Spring

Book Fair




Chorus Concert

Each fall the Resource Center is transformed into a bookstore in support of the annual bookfair.  Parents, students and staff may purchase books and other items throughout this week-long event.  All of the proceeds go directly to the Resource Center.


Concert put on by students in the school's chorus group to showcase their singing talents; all Pleasant Hill families are welcome.  The concert is held in the Cafe. 






Cougar Carnival

Pleasant Hill’s annual PTA-sponsored carnival.  There are carnival games to play, along with carnival food to eat. All items are paid for with tickets that are pre-ordered or purchased at the event.  “Winnings” are tracked on punch cards and redeemed for prizes at the end of the evening. NOTE:  The event is only for Pleasant Hill students and their immediate family members.  Students will not be admitted without a chaperoning adult.


Dads & Donuts

Dads share donut and juice with their children in the Cafe with other dads and kids.  It starts about 30 to 45 minutes before school and ends when school starts.  NOTE:  Dads with last names beginning with A-L attend one date and dads with last names beginning with M-Z attend a separate date.


Family STEAM Night

A PTA-sponsored event designed to showcase the wonders of science, technology, engineering, arts and math through fun, hands-on activities and demonstrations. 


Family Reading Night

A PTA-sponsored event that encourages families to recognize the fun and importance of reading together. Families will listen to stories, test their “literary” skills, and share a snack at the end of the evening. The Book Fair and Reflections gallery will be open for the evening as well.


Field Day - Grades K-6

A PTA-sponsored event in which students rotate through a series of indoor and outdoor sports stations.  Games are run by volunteers and students rotate through them with their classrooms.


First Day of School (Grades 1-6)

First day of school in which parents drop off their children at the designated outside doors and wave good-bye as the school year officially begins.  

  • Grades 1 & 2 - Main back door off back parking lot
  • Grades 3 & 4 - Middle back door
  • Grades 5 & 6 - Eastern-most back door    


First Day of School (Kindergarten)

First day of school in which parents drop off their children at the designated outside doors and wave good-bye as the school year officially begins.  

  • AM students – Main back door off back parking lot
  • PM students - Front door (inside by office)


Halloween Parties Students' lunch hours are combined to allow time to go home to change into their costumes (they may also change at school.) After lunch, students return to their classrooms and participate in a parade around the school block (Illinois, Cedar, Pleasant Hill Blvd, Bennett and back to Illinois). Parents can gather outside to see all the costumes. Students then return to classrooms for their parties. The room parents manage the party and ask for parent assistance.  On October 31st  or next closest school day. 

Holiday Shop

An after-school holiday shopping opportunity for students sponsored by the PTA. Gift items are reasonably priced. Students and parents are welcome.



Sixth graders are welcome to participate in Cross Country (Fall), 2-Ball (Winter) and in Track (Spring).  Most practices are held during recess at school with only a few sessions after school. 

All Year

Meet the Teacher Day

One-hour long window in which parents and students can meet their teachers, see their classrooms, and bring their school supplies.  Bring $1 bills and envelopes since money is collected for various classroom-related items such as party money (for Halloween and Valentine's Day), magazine subscriptions, classroom binders, totes, etc.  You can also turn in other forms that are sent in the August mailer. 

Day before school begins

Moms & Munchies Moms share donuts and juice with their children in the Cafe with other moms and kids.  It starts about 30-45 minutes before school and ends when school starts.  NOTE:  Moms with last names beginning with A-L attend one date and moms with last names beginning with M-Z attend a separate date. Fall 

Multi-Cultural Fest

Pleasant Hill families sponsor booths where they showcase their countries/cultures through artifacts, food, and activities. Families sign up ahead of time to sponsor a booth. NOTE:  This event takes place every other school year. 

January (alternating years)

Musical — Grades 1-6

The music teacher works with each grade to create a musical program for families. Grades pair up for the programs. Kindergarten has their own program with the kindergarten teachers. 

Performance schedule:

  • Daytime Performance is for the other grades and staff.  Parents can also attend this program and it is easiest to video this performance.  Chairs for parents are in the back of the Cafe.
  • Evening Performance is for families.  The students usually need to be there at least 15 minutes early, and so do the parents, if you want good seats.

Note: There's usually a DVD available for purchase from the evening performance.  The music teacher will send home specific information on the DVD.

Varies by grade.


Evening shows start typically at 7:00pm.

New Parent Welcome

Families new to Pleasant Hill may attend this informal gathering to tour the school, talk with the principal and/or assistant principal and to learn more about Pleasant Hill activities and the PTA. Various PTA committee members are on hand to talk about PTA events to be held during the year.


Open House

This is a great opportunity for families to come to school in the evening to visit their child's classroom and see their child's work. Students and teachers work really hard to prepare for this night, and it is a very well-attended event. Classroom time is from 7-8pm.


Parent Orientation

Orientation is the parents' opportunity to hear all about what their children will be doing/learning in school this year. Orientation occurs in your child's classroom where grades K-2 orientation timeslot is separate from grades 3-6 to make it easier for parents to visit multiple classrooms.  Teachers typically have parents sign up for the November parent-teacher conference times so bring your calendars.  This is also the opportunity to pay for classroom incidentals (room parties, newsletter subscriptions, etc.) if you didn’t get the chance to attend Meet the Teacher day. NOTE:  This event is parents/guardians only.

Late August

Parent & Teacher Conferences

This is the parents chance to meet with their child's teacher in their classroom for a one-on-one discussion about their child's progress (usually 10-15 minutes).  Parents typically sign up for a conference time at Parent Orientation.  NOTE:  Students should not attend the conference.  If they must accompany the parent(s), they should bring quiet activities to complete in the hallway.

Monday & Tuesday prior to the Thanksgiving Holiday

Picture Day

Each student's photo is taken individually for inclusion in the class photo and yearbook.  Photo packages are available for purchase.  There are designated volunteers to help students with hair and clothing issues.  A picture retake day is also scheduled for any absent students or students who are not happy with their first picture. 


PTA Changeover Dinner

This dinner provides an opportunity for PTA committee members to recognize outgoing 6th grade parents, transition information/materials to incoming members and welcome the PTA officers for the coming school year.


PTA General Membership Meetings

  • The first meeting is in the fall.  At this meeting, the PTA membership votes whether or not to approve the current year's budget. Copies of the proposed budget are available in the cafeteria prior to the meeting. Forms to join the PTA are part of the August Mailer. Once you've completed the form and sent it in to school, you may vote on the budget. Being a PTA member also entitles you to receive a copy of the Pleasant Hill PTA directory.
  • The second meeting is with Open House in the spring.  At this meeting, the PTA membership votes on the nominees for the PTA officers.

Fall & Spring

PTA Monthly Meetings

Monthly meetings are held alternating between mornings and evenings in the Teacher's Lounge to discuss various events/issues pertaining to the school, the students, or PTA itself.  All PTA members are welcome to attend; however, voting is reserved for committee chairs of the PTA. 

Once a month

Rec Nights

Rec nights are grade-level events students and parents (one parent per student) come together to participate in physical activities and games.  The games are held in the gym, providing children and parents some active, indoor fun in the winter.  Gym shoes and active wear are recommended for both students and parents.

January - March


The national PTA sponsors this art program which offers students an opportunity to create works of art for fun and recognition.  There are six different categories in which a student may express themselves:  visual arts, musical composition, photography, literature, dance and film/video.  Specific program rules are sent home along with the annual theme for the contest. 


Roller Skating Party

This annual PTA-sponsored event is held at Orbitz Roller Rink.  Admission is free for Pleasant Hill families.  NOTE: Students must have an adult chaperone in order to attend the event.


Room Parent Breakfast

The Room Parent Breakfast is an informal meeting of room parents and teachers to discuss the plans for class parties, centers schedules, and other events teacher rely on for assistance.  This meeting is held in the cafeteria.

Late August/Early September

School Pride Day

Students show school spirit by wearing Pleasant Hill gear called "Spirit Wear" or red & white to schools on Fridays.  NOTE: Spirit Wear will be sold at the beginning of the year with a form in the August mailer.


Special Person's Day

This used to be Grandparents Day but was changed to incorporate any special people that children want to ask to share the morning with them. Special people come to school in the morning and gather in the cafeteria to have coffee and mingle while teachers and students ready their classrooms. Special guests then go to their children's classrooms where they generally do a craft or some other project with their students.  The morning ends with a fag ceremony to honor Veteran’s Day.


Strings Concert - Beginning

A strings concert put on by student string players (mostly 5th graders) so they can showcase their talents.  The location of the concert rotates between District 15 schools (see calendar for details).


Strings Concert - Intermediate

A strings concert put on by student string players (mostly 6th-graders) so they can showcase their talents.  The location of the concert rotates between District 15 schools (see calendar for details).


Variety Show

The PTA-sponsored variety show spotlights the talents of Pleasant Hill students. Students or student groups sign up to "audition” for the show and present it to a panel of  PTA members for approval.  (The purpose of the audition is to ensure the act meets the allotted timeframe and the material is appropriate for a grade-school environment.)  NOTE: The show takes place in the Café.  The student body watches the show during the day and an evening performance occurs for families. This event takes place every other school year.

Spring (alternating years)

Valentine's Day Parties

The Valentine's party typically takes place during the last hour of the day. The students celebrate by playing games, snacking, and exchanging cards with classmates.   The room parents host the parties and ask for parent assistance.

Closest school day to February 14th

Volunteer Luncheon

Sponsored by the Pleasant Hill staff, this event recognizes  parents and other volunteers with a lunch in the cafeteria.   Student council members assist at the lunch.