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Check out How to Help Your Kids at School - Even If You Don't Understand What They Are Doing: A Washington Post article highlighting how a parent can Be A Learning Hero by following The Super 5

  1. Keep the Goal in Mind
  2. Understand Your Child's Potential
  3. Be Involved
  4. Embrace Character and Resilience
  5. Bring It Home

Find out more about the PARCC test, try some of the sites Learning Tools, or utilize the Skill Builder to enhance your student's learning experience.


IPad Apps for Education.  IPads are great tools to support education.  Read more on how District 15 is helping teachers with technology in the classroom. See teacher App reference guide.

Make the Difference when communicating with your children.

Our child, us, and I: The top 3 parenting skills Learn more about what are the most important parenting skills.

Interview with Mrs. Sherri Thomas, Pleasant Hill Social Worker

Interview with Mrs. Maureen Quiery, Pleasant Hill Reading Consultant

SPARK: Special Education Parents Accessing Resources and Knowledge

SPARKSPARK, a committee of the Northwest Suburban Council PTA/PTSA, was formed in response to the growing needs of families whose children learn differently or have special needs.  This is accomplished at the district level through monthly evening programs with outside speakers.  SPARK programs are free, open, and encouraged for all parents, educators, and administrators to attend.

All meetings are on Mondays from 7-8:30 pm at Sundling Jr High:

  • September 28
  • October 26
  • November 16
  • January 11
  • February 22
  • March 14
  • April 18
  • May 23

Notes from Understanding the Foundation of Anxiety - Sept 22, 2014 

To learn more about SPARK and its programs, click here

Quick Links for Home Use

Pleasant Hill Survival Guide 2015 (PDF): Whether you are a new parent at Pleasant Hill or just have a question, the Survival Guide has all the information you need on the activities at Pleasant Hill.

Destiny QuestDestiny Quest is a visually engaging library search interface designed for the modern learner.

Homework Help web site

Homework Motivation presentation (PDF)

OnGuard Online: Chatting with Kids About Being Online?

Accelerated Reader (AR) Book Finder: Find books in your child's reading level

Find your AR Test results at Renaissance Home Connect (log-in info required)

Access your child's math book at Houghton Mifflin site (log-in info required: Username: d15math3 or d15math4 or d15math5, Password: password)

Palatine Library

Novelist K-8 Plus (need Palatine library card # to enter): Search K-8 fiction and non-fiction by author, title, series name, and subject. Get book recommendations for your child.

Keeping Our Kids Healthy

Now more than ever, across America, the physical and mental health needs of children have increased. Consider, for example, the fact that teachers report how common it is for many of their students to come to school without the benefit of breakfast or adequate sleep. We know that students who don't eat well or don't get enough rest; students who are anxious or depressed can't work to their fullest potential in school.

The Illinois PTA believes in a focus on the whole child. We want our children to be safe, healthy and successful in school and in life. The PTA understands that health and education are inextricably linked.

(source: Illinois PTA)

Calling All Dads

Studies show students perform better when mothers and fathers are both involved in the education of their children. Men and women think differently and bring different perspectives and skills to school and PTA activities. School communities and PTAs thrive when both men and women participate. Yet men remain a largely untapped resource. Learn more about the importance of male involvement at National PTA web site.

(source: National PTA)

Environmental Education

Earth Club is a student club sponsored by the Pleasant Hill PTA and is comprised of 3rd and 4th graders working toward a greener, more eco-friendly environment! Their first stop is the café! Students implement a lunch time recycling procedure and help manage their program each year. The café generated four huge bags of garbage each day. Now, the school is down to one full bag a day. Making our land fill footprint 75% less, and have added much to be up cycled into useful products..

Additionally, Earth Club members research and vote to help support a critically endangered animal because of habitat loss or poaching. They typically craft an earth friendly product like bird seed feeders and "one of a kind" tote bags made from re-purposed materials in order to raise money and support their cause. Would you like help or have your child involved in improving our environment? Contact the green team, Candy Garcia and Karen Siena for more information.

Fridays... “America Recycles Day”:  Recycling will take place in the cafeteria during the lunch periods.  Students who bring a lunch or order a hot lunch will be encouraged to recycle as they normally are but a contest will be held for the grade level that recycles the most.  The winning grade level will receive a gift card to win a tree which is planted in their name in a global restoration project.  Students will get what looks like a gift card and will have to go on line with their parents to get their tree "ordered."  Please keep a look out for this card if you child’s grade level wins the prize.  If you have any questions please let me know and I will forward them to the Earth Club sponsors.

Go Green Tips for Kids