PTA Minutes

PTA Meeting Minutes

Meeting minutes are published after each Pleasant Hill PTA meeting. They are meant to keep members informed as to what is going on at Pleasant Hill school if you are not able to attend the PTA Meeting. However, you are always welcome and encouraged to attend the PTA Meetings.

If you have any questions about the Minutes, please contact the Recording Secretary, Komi Shah:

2017-2018 PTA Meeting Minutes

2016 - 2017 PTA Meeting Minutes

2015-2016 PTA Meeting Minutes

  • Aug 20 - General Membership Mtg
  • Oct 14 - General Membership Mtg
  • Jan 5 -  General Membership Mtg
  • Feb 2 - General Membership Mtg
  • Mar 1 -  General Membership Mtg
  • Apr 27 - General Membership Mtg

2014-2015 PTA Meeting Minutes

2013-2014 PTA Meeting Minutes